Thursday, May 5, 2011

Deck Cushions

This is a partial sewing project and partial general project.
I found the furniture on craigslist and it was just what I wanted for the deck.  We were in dire need of something more substantial than the flimsy plastic Adirondack chairs we'd been dealing with in years past.  With about a half-dozen cans of white spray paint and a few hours of work - Jess & I had them spiffed up nicely.

Then it was time to tackle re-covering the cushions - they were a very faded and worn red floral so I dug out some random remnant of duck cloth left over from teaching a sewing class tote-bag project and was thrilled to find one piece long enough to cover both cushions. 
Of course Jess is horrified at the pattern and thinks it's hideous.  I think it's cheerful and fun and ...really... for deck cushions that will be sat on, feet on & probably dog'd on ...I don't much care what it looks like as long as it's clean and not dreadfully worn.

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