Thursday, February 14, 2013

Last Quilt

Okay... that is a misleading post title.
This is the last quilt completely made in Merrimack.  Prayerfully it won't be my last ever quilt!

I started this project months ago.  It covers the top of the queen size bed nicely and is soft & snuggly.  Grace approves heartily and has staked her claim on top of it at every chance she gets.

I used mostly left-over fabric from another big flannel quilt project made for a dear friend's daughter.  There has never been a sampler quilt before and this was interesting for me.  For no reason I chose 10" blocks and just started with whatever sized scraps I had and even invented a few blocks along the way.  Some are a bit wonky to fit, but it works.  There was even a bit of adventure in the first ever drunkard's path block as I'd not attempted rounded seams before now. 

The back is the floral print flannel that is in the front as well.  The sashing is a cream tonal flannel and the border is the green tonal flannel.  Machine pieced, hand tied, and binding finish is done by hand.  Finished on 2/11/2013.  My quilt label will be added once we move and I find the box that they are packed in. :-)