Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chenille Dishtowel - scrap/stash buster project

A few weeks ago I was visiting a dear friend and she was so excited to show me this very awesome project that one of her sisters had created.  A chenille dishtowel!  So clever and handy and useful - just my idea of a perfect little project to use up odd pieces of leftover fabric (or that random piece of fabric that you really don't know what you were thinking when you acquired it).
When I got home I googled for a 'how-to' and what do you think?  The first link I found was to her sister's blog with the tutorial right there!  So marvelous! She has lots of clever and nifty things on her blog - you should absolutely check it out!  Olive Leaf Journal

So on to my attempt.  I randomly grabbed some fabric and roughly cut a big rectangle for the back then layered the 3 slightly smaller pieces on top.  I used my walking foot and stitched through all the layers in a diagonal row pattern - trying to keep them roughly even without measuring or marking.  The next one I make will absolutely have more real measuring and perhaps some marking. I then used my big shears to slash through the top 3 layers between the stitching lines - being careful to NOT cut the back piece (light purple w/ flowers).  After I had the cutting finished, I folded/pressed and stitched the backing as a binding.

Then I tossed it into the wash with a few times with other laundry to give it the chenille effect.

It came out great and I mailed it off (as a surprise) to my friend for her to use since she was the one who had given me the idea in the first place. :-)

Now I need to make a few for myself.

Happy sewing!