Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Table Projects

Back during the summer, my darling husband took me on a road-trip up to visit +Keepsake Quilting. It is a day trip from here and I usually get to go at least once or twice a year.  I especially love the bargain outlet and usually manage to find some great deals.
This year among my treasures was a package of remnant odd cut strips- all in blues, tans, and creams.  They were not uniform in size, but pretty close, so I decided that some table toppers would be a great use for them.  I created two, a rectangle and a square.  Not in any pattern really just making it up as I went along.  I added borders from my stash and ordered a nice brown print from +Missouri Star Quilt Company  to use on the back.

Quilted them both on my frame with my Janome 1600 and my favorite King Tut thread (Sands of Time - variegated creams) from +Superior Threads.

Most often there is at least one cat asleep on top of these and sometimes a rather large pile of books from the kids as well. I have to get my blog worthy photos quick around here.

Blessings on your sewing journey~