Monday, October 18, 2010

And now for something completely different

I love to learn new things... at least when it's my own idea.  So I've been learning...

I started earlier this year and made several dishcloths.  Experimenting with the various stitches and pretending to follow patterns.  It isn't hard really, but does require a level of concentration and some time that I don't always possess in great quantities.
Nevertheless, I've been itching to move on to 'bigger and better' things in the world of knitting.  So I found the pattern "Easy Peasy Hat", purchased a skein of gray yarn and a circular needle... then everything sat on the floor by my bed for quite a while.  I need to work up to things sometimes.
Finally I found the time and needed concentration to begin.  So I set myself to make a hat for Steve to wear when he runs in the cold weather.  Which is a lot of the time here in NH.
I discovered that working with the circular needle is really cool and the project moved along pretty quickly to my great surprise.  It began to look like ... well... as Steve said... a gray circle thingy.  But I was making progress!
Finally - yesterday afternoon - I finished it!  It was a real, honest-to-goodness hat!  I had done it!
Steve even humored me and tried it on for me to get a photo.  He says it fits just the way he likes and he'll be happy to wear it.  

I warned him that when his runner-friends tease him about his funny hat, he is obligated to stick up for me.