Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another baby quilt

I've been on a kick lately to try and finish up odd projects and also to use up things I have already.  This is especially necessary when it comes to my sewing.  Do you KNOW how much fabric I have amassed over the last 9 years?
It's embarrassing to admit... there is so much that I forget what I have.  Not a good thing generally, though it has led to some happy discovering when I open the odd bin or drawer and find some perfectly lovely piece of fabric just begging to be used in some way.
Anyway - I had been 'using up' some flannels for a small baby quilt.  These are flannels from an assortment of projects in days gone by.  I finally finished the hand work for the binding this past week.  Now to decide what to do with this little snuggly bit of work.

Shows how long I've been collecting fabric.  This backing flannel was purchased to make "lovies" when Ben was just a baby.  He never took to the lovies the way Jess did, so I didn't use it then.

Yes - all the photos of the front of the quilt are sideways.  I couldn't figure out how to edit them on this computer.  Good thing the pattern works in any direction.